Farewell to “Transitory” 2022

January 10, 2023

Bidding farewell to 2022 is less about being glad it is over or behind us and more about being thankful for the year, and all the years, we have had in this business and those yet to come. Yes, it was a challenging year, but truth and strength are gained from the challenging years. The word “transitory” was not previously in our vocabulary and is a word we hope we don’t hear for a long time.

From an investment perspective, 2022 was volatile and, in our opinion, an anomaly. Stocks experienced a drawdown and fixed income investments, especially US Treasuries, provided zero safe haven for investors’ portfolios. In more than 35 years in this business, this was a first.

The main culprit of the fixed income returns for 2022 was the Federal Reserve rapidly raising rates. This environment has provided all of us opportunities to have a reset with our savings, money markets, and fixed income investments. We now have the opportunity for higher interest rates in our portfolios – rates we have not seen for many years. Our challenge for 2023, and every year thereafter, is to help our clients remain anchored to their financial plans and goals.

In 2022, our clients experienced the natural things in life that LongView is built for and in those things, we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients adjust – job changes, retirements, weddings, new babies, college and high school graduations, aging parents, aging and declining health and, sadly, the loss of loved ones.

Our LongView team members also experience the same life adjustments that our clients do.  In 2022, we celebrated the retirement of 2 advisors, one new advisor was hired, 3 babies were born, and 3 babies are on the way for 2023 arrivals. We hired 3 wonderful new staff members and gave a fresh new look to our logo (see above) and website www.lvwm.com. We have another advisor retiring this year and we’ve recently brought his successor on board.

Through growth and attrition, retirements and new hires, our firm is getting younger and younger. What a wonderful and healthy sign that is for a firm that is 42 years old/young.

As we roll into the New Year, our focus at LongView is doing what we feel we do best: design and tailor financial plans for our clients, with timely and focused follow through, in order to meet their individualized needs and goals. Here’s to a GREAT 2023 for all.  Thank you for being such an important part of us!



Quinton Fisher, Jennifer Stewart, and all of LongVIew