What We Do

At LongView Wealth Management, we believe that personal wealth management can transform lives, families, and generations. As a fee-based personal wealth management firm, we work with our clients to help them resist short-term thinking and reactive decision-making, and instead focus on building real wealth.

Our Process

  • Initial Meeting: We start by learning about the visions and goals our clients have for their lives.

  • Data Gathering: We gather important financial information from our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their current financial situation.

  • Are We a Fit?: We evaluate whether our firm is the right fit for the client.

  • Planning and Onboarding: We work with our clients to translate their visions and values into comprehensive financial plans that integrate all areas of their financial lives.

  • Delivering the Plan: We present the financial plan to the client, and provide guidance on how to implement it and work towards achieving their goals.

By taking the time to understand our clients' unique needs and goals, we are able to provide personalized, hands-on service and help them take a long-term perspective on their wealth.

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