Quinton Fisher

Quinton Fisher

Owner/CEO Financial Advisor

My name is Larry Quinton Fisher, Jr. (I go by my middle name, Quinton.) In 2021 I became CEO of LongView Wealth Management after having been President of the firm for many years. Most of my time is spent with meetings, phone calls, and emails – listening, helping, and caring about our clients’ financial planning needs, and I have been happily doing this for over 35 years. Our firm currently has over one billion dollars in assets under management, with excellent advisors and staff caring for our clients throughout the United States and beyond. It is my great advantage to work with such a wonderful team, knowing that our experience and knowledge will help all of our clients, old and new.

I graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1983 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a major in Finance and Banking.

I live in Atlanta with my wife, Paula, and our two dogs, Savannah and Murphy. Our other pet is a horse named Poet that my wife rides and competes with in dressage, one of her many passions. Our adult son, Avery, lives in the Atlanta area and currently works for Home Depot corporate as a financial analyst.

Throughout my career I have been involved in many professional, charitable, and faith-based organizations to help improve our lives, our communities, and our industry.

My hobbies and interests are varied – running 3 miles at a time 3 to 4 days a week, playing golf poorly, playing tennis a little better, fly fishing, gardening, cooking on my Big Green Egg, and my favorite pastime — being my wife’s groom at her horse shows.